• Adaptive Case Management OTN WebCast with Danilo Schmiedel

    acmvideodaniloRelease: 4.2014
    Author: Danilo Schmiedel

    Oracle ACE Director Danilo Schmiedel, SOA/BPM solution architect with Opitz Consulting in Germany, talks about Adaptive Case Management, Predictive Analytics, and Process Mining. Watch the video here.To download the Adaptive Case Management poster mentioned in this interview, please visit

  • Podcast Show Notes: The Case for Adaptive Case Management

    acmPodcastOTNRelease: 9.2014
    Author: Bob Rhubart

    The latest OTN ArchBeat Podcast is a three-part series that looks at the evolution and adoption of Adaptive Case Management through the insight of a panel of experts.


    The Panelists

    • Nico Van Benthem, senior consultant, eProseed
      Manas Deb, president and COO, eProseed
      Oracle ACE Director Lonneke Dikmans , managing partner, eProseed
      Oracle ACE Director Danilo Schmiedel, solution architect, Opitz Consulting
      Oracle ACE Director Torsten Winterberg, business development and innovation, Opitz Consulting

    The Conversation

    • Listen to Part 1: The panel discusses the basics of ACM and how it relates to Business Process Management.
    • Listen to Part 2: A discussion of the forces that are driving the evolution in Adaptive Case Management.
    • Listen to Part 3: What business domains are driving the adoption of Adaptive Case Management? What are some of the common missteps in that adoption?

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