SOAMagazineCover4The SOA Magazine IV edition focuses on Industrial SOA articles which showcase that SOA is much more than a web service. Rolando Carrasco and Arturo Viveros showcase in their SOA Myth Busters article the evolution of the SOA Suite towards a complete platform over the last 10 years. An industrial SOA platform contains also API management to secure web services, as well b2b as a trading hub between external partners.

What is the use case for Business Process Management versus Services Oriented Architecture. SOA is mainly used for data mediation and process orchestration between different IT systems. BPM is focused on automation on human based processes like an employee holiday request. Key is to re-use the SOA web services for your BPM deployment. In our holiday request example we can re-use a web service from the HR system which informs the employee of the available holidays. In this magazine edition you learn on the BPM Side more about Gateways and how Link Consulting is using a generator to create Human tasks. Thanks to Mark Foster who highlights in his article 10 best practices for SOA Suite and BPM Suite a must read!

This quarterly newsletter is for both customers and partners who are active in the SOA space. The content includes articles for IT decision makers, architects and developers. The goal of the newsletter is to update you on the latest SOA technologies, market studies, trainings & certifications and conferences. We publish the newsletter in English and some articles will be in Portuguese specially for the Brazilian marketing, thanks to Ricardo Puttini and his team. Contribution is open for everybody! We want to publish your content! Like case studies, best practice, technical examples and solutions and conferences. Feel free to submit your content to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Portuguese articles) & This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (for English articles).

Enjoy reading the SOA Magazine IV we are looking forward to get your feedback! Ricardo Puttini & Jürgen Kress

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